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Relieve Planning Stress With These Pro-Wrestling Wedding Disasters

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There's so much that can go wrong at a wedding. Instead of stressing about the small details or possible disasters at your upcoming wedding, you can sit back, relax, and laugh at some of the crazy shenanigans in the world of pro-wrestling weddings. Trying to bring the most drama possible, a pro-wrestling wedding typically features attacks, crazy twists, and surprise appearances.

Take a minute to read through the funniest wedding events and realize that your upcoming ceremony could always be a lot worse.

Macho Man Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth

Set for a Summerslam main event, the long-awaited marriage between Macho Man Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth was dubbed a "Match Made in Heaven." The ring was completely transformed into a wedding altar, and both bride and groom strutted down the aisle in full wedding garb. It was truly a ceremony to remember and one of the biggest highlights in WWE Summerslam history.

After the wedding, the newlywed couple attended a reception with a large collection of other WWE Superstars. Two evil wrestlers decided to crash the party—The Undertaker and Jake "The Snake" Roberts. As Miss Elizabeth opened a wedding gift, she received the surprise of a lifetime when a live python burst out of the box. The party was quickly over for the couple as Savage ended up feuding with Jake "The Snake" Roberts for numerous months.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

An Elvis chapel wedding is a great Las Vegas tradition. Not only can you get married with a variety of Elvis impersonators, but you can even participate in a drive-thru wedding. Days before Stephanie McMahon was scheduled to marry her boyfriend Test, Triple H kidnapped her from a hotel room and brought her to one of the infamous Elvis chapels in Las Vegas.

Driving a convertible, the two got married as Triple H tricked the workers into thinking that Stephanie was actually talking and agreeing to the vows. The segment is hilarious and one of the most memorable in the history of WWE Raw. It was actually shot on location at a Las Vegas wedding chapel and gives you the full process of one of these unique weddings. See this website for more information.

Billy & Chuck

The ambiguous tag team of Billy & Chuck made waves with multiple tag-team title runs, but they were on many headlines for their announced same-sex marriage to air live on WWE Smackdown. The two Superstars appears on numerous talk shows to promote the event, but like most pro-wrestling weddings, things did not go as planned.

Just before the tag team gave their vows, the justice of the peace revealed himself to be WWE General Manager Eric Bishoff. Bishoff sent out his tag team Three Minute Warning to attack the superstars and immediately end the wedding. Another ceremony never took place for the couple.

Daniel Bryan & AJ

The rise of Daniel Bryan and his former valet AJ occurred at the same time. They were there for each other and eventually their back and forth relationship led to a wedding proposal. With the crowd chanting and excited, AJ was about to say "Yes!" to Daniel Bryan until she shocked the world and said "Yes!" to becoming the brand new general manager of WWE Raw. This was an unexpected twist that sent Daniel Bryan fuming.

Lita & Edge

One of the most memorable couples in the WWE were Lita & Edge. During their time together, they had many foes, but often stayed an alliance and captured multiple championships. After having so much success in the ring, they decided to exchange rings on WWE Raw.

Before they both could say "I Do," Edge's arch-rival Kane decided to crash the party. Instead of running down the ramp, Kane came up and tore himself threw the ring. He attacked the whole altar, gave a tombstone piledriver to the priest, and declared his love for Lita. Surprisingly, Kane would force Lita to marry him on a later episode of WWE Raw.

All of these wedding were crafted in good fun. If you ever get stressed out when planning your wedding, it's a good idea to look back and think about the crazy outcomes seen in pro-wrestling.