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Bunions & Fashion: Mixing Comfort And Style With Your Footwear

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Not all footwear is created equal. When a bunion is featured on your foot, it is an extended bone growth and shift that can actually make it very uncomfortable to wear regular shoes on a daily basis. Instead of going through discomfort, you can take a little extra time to research large women's shoes so that you can find the proper fit and style that matches your comfort levels. By using this guide, not only will you be comfortable as you go through daily activities, but you can also be stylish. This can make a huge difference in matching outfits, going to work, or dressing for special occasions like a date or wedding.

Wide Shoes

One of the easiest ways to shop for shoes that will offer comfort is by shopping for wide shoe sizes. These shoes will feature the ideal length for your feet, but will also come with a little width on the sides to properly accommodate your bunion. While shopping for large shoes, look for the big "W" after the shoe size. While shopping online, these wider sizes are easier to narrow down as you can select the sizes you seek with just a single click. Depending on the size of your bunion, you may want to consider shopping for a shoe with an "E" after the size. This size shoes represents an extra wide measurement to give your shoes even more space on the sides. By shopping for this option, your bunion will not feel compressed or swell up each time you put the shoe on.

Darker Colors

Many women may try to sacrifice pain and comfort to make their feet look good and stylish. If you're worried about your feet looking too big or disproportionate with the rest of your body, then you should consider ordering shoes with darker colors. Darker colors like blue or black will have a slimming effect that will not make your foot look larger or wider than it actually is. Darker shoes are also ideal for formal wear. You can choose all types for darker colors and styles to match dresses, pantsuits, and gowns.

Shoe Accessories & Features

As you shop for shoes, you want various features to be as comfortable as possible for your foot. Hard materials can easily push on your push and cause discomfort in the bunion area. A lot of shoes focus on comfort for the bottom of the feet, but you can also seek comfort for the tops of sizes. As you browse shoe listings, look for cushioned linings through the whole shoe. For example, boots may have fur lining through the whole shoe that provides a lot of extra cushion and comfort. This can make a huge difference when you're using the shoes for long periods of time.

Extra accessories can also be purchased with the shoes. This includes foot padding, gel insoles, or other items that do not give your feet a lot of pain or discomfort. By purchasing the accessories with the shoes that you chose, you can ensure that the accessories fit comfortably and you're able to take full advantage of them.

One Size Up

When dealing with bunions, not only do you want to look for wider shoes, but in some cases you may want to go one extra size up. This is especially true for athletic shoes. While wearing athletic shoes, you may want to layer two pairs of socks over your feet to add a little extra protection. There are also special bunion socks and products that offer protection directly over the bunion. While wearing these, the materials may fit more comfortably in a pair of shoes that is one size higher.

Contact large shoe companies for more information on products and sizes.