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Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing Hair Extensions For Your Wedding Day

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If you're about to get married, you want to do everything possible to look as beautiful as you can. Your hairstyle may be something you spend a lot of time thinking about, and if your natural hair isn't quite in the condition or length that you'd hoped it would be before your wedding day, hair extensions are a sensible consideration. However, it's important that you ask these questions so that you're happy with the pieces you buy.

Are Clip-Ins the Right Choice?

The first thing you should consider is whether you'll be using pieces that are pre-styled and ready to clip into your existing hair, or if you will have bundles of hair sewn in with your natural hair. This will depend on what you plan to do with your wedding day and honeymoon. If you only want to give your hair some volume for the day of the wedding and want to go back to "normal" afterwards, clip-ins are the obvious choice. If you are ready for an all-new look and plan to take off on a honeymoon where you'll be swimming and getting the hair wet, you may opt for sew-in hair that can be more hardy and flexible for more situations.

Can the Hair Be Heated?

If you're hoping to use a curling iron or wand on the hair to give yourself different styles in the days following your wedding, it's vital that you know before purchasing whether the heat will have a negative effect on the hair. This is especially important if you've chosen hair that is not 'Remy' or all-natural human hair; usually clip-on extensions. Sometimes those pieces are not meant to be manipulated with heat and can melt or otherwise disfigure the strands.

How Many Bundles Do I Need?

If you're having the hair extensions sewn in, you'll need to be concerned about how many bundles you'll require for a full head of hair. That's because the more bundles you use, the more money you'll need to set aside. Three bundles is usually adequate to form a full head of hair, but if you're getting very long bundles or enjoy having a thick head of hair, you may opt for more bundles. Your stylist should be able to help you determine how many bundles will work best for the style you want.

Hair extensions can give you a gorgeous look for your wedding day. Talk with stylists who specialize in extensions so that they can give you appropriate guidance.