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Six Simple Splurges And Suggestions To Indulge And Pamper Yourself

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It is not uncommon for people to overlook their own needs as they tend to a rigorous routine of taking care of everyone around them. Take time to pamper yourself, and treat yourself as kindly as you would a beloved friend or relative. Small gestures and simple pleasures can recharge your batteries and improve overall well-being.

Six simple suggestions to take care of yourself today include:

  1. Upgrade your linens and towels. Since people spend an average of one-third of their lives in bed, make sure that your bed is as comfy and cozy as it can be. Treat yourself to high-end linens, sheets, and pillows to create a serene sanctuary that you enjoy curling-up in. While you are at it, upgrade your towels so that getting-out of the bath or shower is as pleasant as getting-in!
  2. Cook a gourmet-but healthy- meal. Even if you don't have to cook for a family or spouse tonight, make the effort to treat yourself with some soul-restoring, healthy food. Visit a farmer's market or your favorite grocery, and buy what looks good. Build your meal around fresh veggies, bakery-fresh bread, and in-season fruits or berries for a meal that makes you feel satisfied and alive.
  3. Start each day with some peace and quiet. Start waking-up a half-hour earlier to enjoy that peaceful time of day before the world wakes up. This is the perfect time to read, meditate, drink coffee, or simply sit in quiet contemplation before beginning another busy day.
  4. Turn your home into a spa. A spa treatment can be a restorative experience that everyone can enjoy, but it can be expensive. Treat yourself to an at-home pedicure and a coconut oil hair treatment, followed by a thick, thirsty towel and some warm snuggly socks. Play soothing music and use a little lavender or mint essential oil in an aromatherapy diffuser to make your space even more relaxing and inviting.
  5. Order yourself fresh-flowers. Does anyone ever send you flowers? Send some to yourself! Make this a weekly or bi-weekly treat that not only makes you feel good, but also enhances your home, your workspace, and your world, affordably.
  6. Read more. Do you feel like you never have time to read? This is something that not only is good for the soul, but that helps to keep your mind sharp throughout your lifespan. Make time to read and choose uplifting, restorative titles that will leave you inspired and motivated. Of course, if racy romance novels or cheesy horror stories are your guilty pleasure, imbibe!

Learn to treat yourself better and take time to indulge once in a while. Life can be hectic and stressful; use these tips to bring a bit of joy and peace through simple pleasures at every opportunity. After all, don't you deserve it?