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Tips To Help You Prepare For Laser Hair Removal

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Laser hair removal treatment is the preferred method for getting rid of hair, whether it's on the legs, the face, or the torso. As a general rule, it works best on darker hairs since they laser primarily targets the darker pigments. The following will provide you with a few more tips to get ready for your laser hair removal appointment:

Tip #1: Skip the tanning

The lighter your skin in relation to your hair, the more likely that the laser treatment will zap the follicles and get rid of the unwanted hair. Make sure to use plenty of sunblock in the weeks leading up to the treatment appointment. It's also necessary to avoid the use of tanning products. If you are worried about looking pale, opt for a bronzer that rinses off in the shower instead of semi-permanent products. You will also need to avoid sun exposure for a couple of weeks following treatment.

Tip #2: Avoid longterm hair removal procedures

You don't have to grow in the hair before laser removal, but you do need to remove it properly in the weeks leading up to your treatment session. Do not wax, pluck or use electrolysis to remove hair, since this also removes the hair inside the follicle. If there is no hair base in a follicle, the laser won't target that follicle and the hair will grow back. Instead, use a razor, electric or handheld, for at least six weeks leading up to the appointment so all the follicles can begin regrowing hair.

Tip #3: Shave before your appointment

Take the time to give yourself a very thorough shave before you go in for your hair removal session. You do not want any long hairs since this can cause burns on the surface of your skin where the hair rests. It's best to shave a few hours ahead of the appointment since the laser can irritate skin that is already slightly irritated from a shave. This will give your skin a chance to recover before the laser treatment.

Tip #4: Stock up on ice packs

Before heading down to the salon for your treatment, toss a couple of ice packs in your freezer to get cold. The type that can be shaped and manipulated for use work best. Immediately following laser treatment your skin may be red and irritated. This is only temporary, but having some ice packs ready to lay over the treated areas will be a welcome relief.

It may take a couple of treatments, generally several weeks apart, to remove all the hair. Use these tips in conjunction with the treatment plan the removal technician recommends.