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The Equipment You Need To Start Your Beauty Salon

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Opening a beauty salon makes for a great career that will bring challenges and can be very rewarding. Having your own salon takes more work than renting a chair at an existing salon, but it can definitely be worth it. Once you have the location and space picked out, you will need to find the right equipment to begin your work.

What is the equipment you need to start your beauty salon? Here are some examples of equipment you will find in a salon.

Office Equipment and Furniture

You might be focusing mostly on what equipment you need in the customer area of your salon, but you need to think about your office and customer reception area too. You will need some form of register system so you can charge your customers and receive payment. A desk for your reception area with a chair is also necessary. You most likely will want a computer to book appointments and keep your accounting books updated.

You will also need seating for your customers. You could also place decor and reading material for those waiting. Don't forget to place shelves for your salon's products for sale to customers too.

Sanitizing Equipment

Your salon will need sanitizing equipment to launder your towels after use, so you need a commercial washer and dryer set. You will also need sanitizing equipment for your scissors, combs, and other hair styling tools. Don't forget to secure your sanitizer along with bowls and other equipment you need to ensure your tools are clean and sterile.

Hair Station Equipment

You will need to set up each hair station with the needed equipment. You will need salon chairs that will raise and lower based on your client's height. You will need mounted mirrors as well as handheld mirrors so your clients can see the progress of their hairstyle and work with you to ensure the style they want.

The station desks should include drawers for extra storage and plenty of space for brushes, combs, scissors, and trimmers.

Shampoo Area Equipment

Before you can cut and style your clients' hair, you need to shampoo it. Set up a shampoo and dryer station. You will need enough shampoo bowls close to sinks for every stylist you have on each shift so clients don't have to wait too long.

You will need chairs that can adapt to the client's height and that recline. You will also need hood dryers to dry your client's hair in the event they want their hair colored or to set a specific style.

For more information on salon equipment, contact a local equipment provider.